Why You Should Use a Commercial Broker

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Helps You With The Real Estate Learning Curve

As most of us know, there are no shortcuts to success and those who make things look easy do so as a result of education, training, perseverance and experience that equates to superior knowledge.  There’s a “Learning Curve” to anything done well and many companies find it is not an acceptable risk to perform tasks that are not routine or intrinsic to the business model.  Utilizing a real estate consultant makes sense to many Fortune 500 companies (usually with real estate departments) that manage the process with local consultants (Brokers) rather than navigating the process with their internal staff.   A commercial real estate broker may very well be one of the most important resources when involved in a real estate transaction.

Yes, there are free commercial real estate websites, advertising a portion of the available properties, however; not all listings (possibly even a majority) are advertised to the general public.  So while you can achieve a sense of the market, you will not likely see the whole market. Frequently, the spaces that you wouldn’t be able to find by yourself are the best located, highest quality and possibly the best priced. Most important, in spite of all the public commercial real estate related websites to help with the site selection effort, there’s no replacing an authentic understanding of how to review and analyze the data coupled with first-hand sub-market experience for achievable terms. It is impossible to perform a thorough search without all the tools, but the most important element is having experience with negotiating the nuances of “commercial real estate”. The “Learning Curve” is simply several years rather than several hours. The best brokers take the time to understand your company and provide options that will help a company achieve its business goals as well as fit the budget.

A common misconception is there’s an extra cost to using a real estate professional, but fundamentally the cost is built into the pricing structure which is paid by an owner. Working alone rarely translates into a financial savings, but rather it creates an experience disadvantage that could likely result in an inferior selection and business as well as financial terms. Some trendy web systems offer sizeable rebates from their fees which we believe likely translates into a substantially diminished experience. However, our firm is excited to partner with our clients by donating 10% of our “owner paid fee” to your Company sponsored charity. We are motivated to give back alongside good corporate citizens who assist those who are truly in need. 

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